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  Products : UNI-Garden Fleece for Home Gardens

  UNI-Garden Fleece for Home Gardens (Supplied in consumer packs of various sizes)

UNI-Garden Fleece for Home Gardens is available in various pack sizes including Tubulor Packs. It is fully UV stabilized against sun's harmful UV rays.

UNI-Garden Fleece is a spun-bonded polypropylene material which, when placed over fruit and vegetable plants, produces higher yields, earlier and healthier crops.In spring and summer this light but strong permeable structure creates an ideal growing environment. In autumn and winter it can be used to protect delicate shrubs from wind and frost damage.


Technical Specifications

Fabric Quality Unit Test Results Test Method
Basic Weight gsm 17 18 19 ERT 40.3-90 (DIN 53854)
Thickness DTEX 3.0 3.0 3.0 ERT
Tensile Strength - MD N/5 CM 28 30 32 ERT 20.2-89 (DIN 53857)
Tensile Strength - CD N/5 CM 18 20 22 ERT 20.2-89 (DIN 53857)
Elongation - MD/CD % 65 to 100 65 to 100 65 to 100 ERT 27.2-89 (DIN 53857)
Air Permeability CU M/SQR M/MIN 350-375 350-375 350-375 ERT 140.1-81 (DIN 53857)
UV (With % dosage for high tropical exposure conditions) - Compliant Compliant Compliant UV - A tester (CEN method - European Committee for standardization)

Typical Packing Specifications

Width Metres 3 3 3 -
Length Metres 500 500 500 -
Wrapping Strong Opaque Plastic - - - -
Rolls per 40 ft. containers NOS 350
(400 possible in a 40 ft-XL Container)
(400 possible in a 40 ft- XL Container)
(400 possible in a 40 ft- XL Container)
This is not a specification and the figures are typical values
  How to use UNI-Garden Fleece?
  • Cut the Tubulor Plant Fleece to the required length and place over the plant

  • Create a cocoon by tying the fleece at the top and bottom to a cane or plant stake

  • If flowers require spraying or pollination, open up the cover from the top and retire afterwards

  • Tubulor Plant Protection Fleece can remain over the plant until harvesting