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  Products : UNI-Anti Static Fabrics


  Typical Specifications

GSM Range Generally up to 60
Width 3.2 or 1.6 mtrs or Customer Specific
Colour White, Light Blue, Light Green, or Custom made

Special Antistatic Products:

  • Specially treated Nonwoven with which it becomes dust repellent.

  • Fabric can be used for protection of Eletrostatic Sensitive devices.

  • Treated fabric remains comfortable, free movement can be achieved when used for apparels.

  • It gives resistance to many non-hazardous liquids.

  • Surfactant used is compatible with an ion-active and nonionic products.

  • Typical end uses:
      -  Medical Apparels / Suits / Coats / Masks, etc.
      -  Furniture and Furnishing.
      -  Computer Covers, floppy covers, electronic component covers.
      -  General food processing Medical & Cleaning room environment applications.

  Typical Test Results+

Static Charge Estimation ASTM D-4238-1995
Length Antistatic Spunbond Normal Spunbond
Total charge development 12 Volts 1690 Volts
Half decay time 0.1 seconds Above 300 seconds
+ Results of an independent Textiles Research Laboratory. A copy can be made available upon request

UNIMIN complies with the strictest product and process controls according to the latest international standards.
UNIMIN reserves the right to update technical data according to process and technical developments.
The above tentative data sheet gives typical figures only and no implied warranty should be assumed.