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ANTIFROST CONSUMER PACKS are made from 100% spun bond Polypropylene. New technology has created a fabric from fine filaments that imparts incredible strength to the fabric this demonstrates very high UV resistance in sun light due to the use of very special kind of UV Stabilizer.

UNI - ANTOFROST fabrics are used to cover delicate crops such as cabbage. Fabric provides protection against cold, wind, birds, insects and scorching sun. This allows growers the advantage of planting early or late in the season and also speeds up plant productive yields.

Advantages of Using UNI ANTIFROST:
  • Available in various kind of width.

  • It has a good sewn strength.

  • Composition : Polypropylene & a high quality of UV Stabilizer

  • Fabric is of 17 Gsm may vary as per requirement of Customer. Required sizes may vary width wise from 3 to 10 and Length wise as per customer requirement and on demand width can go upto 41 with Ultrasonic Joints with length varying from 10 to 800.

  • When ordering bulk sizes there are so many variations in sizes and quantities plus the shipping costs can vary significantly depending upon final selection.

Fabric Quality Unit Test Results Test Method
Basic Weight GSM


ERT 40.3 - 90 (DIN 53854)
Thickness DTEX 3.0


Tensile Strength - MD N/5 CM 25 ET 20.2 - 89 (DIN 53857)
Tensile Strength - CD N/5 CM 17 ET 20.2 - 89 (DIN 53857)
Elongation - MD/CD % 55 -100 ET 27.2 - 89 (DIN 53857)
Air Permeability M3/M2/Min 350 - 400 ERT 140.1 - 81 (DIN 53857)
UV Stability

Strength >50% of Original Sample after
exposure to 200 hrs in UVB Light at
standard Florida Condition.

UV - A tester (CEN method - European Committee Standardization)
Typical Specifications


White/as per requirement -
Outer Packing Strong Transparent Plastic Or as per requirement -

UNI complies with the strictest product and process controls according to the latest International standards.
UNI reserves the right to update technical data according to process and technological developments.
The above tentative data sheet gives typical figures only and no implied warranty should be assumed.